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01 September 2009

Phenomonal luck and an amazing day

If you didn't read my previous blog, I'll have to share my news again.

I'm going to Spain!!!

I'm sooooooooooo excited. I am totally floating on cloud nine right now. I was really starting to think that my paper wasn't going to be accepted. Today was the deadline for notifications, and, since the conference is in Spain, I figured that I would hear early in the morning. But, I had no word by noon. So, I checked the website and, YEAH!, I was on the list of approved presenters!! I was actually trembling with excitement.

The amazing thing is that CA pays for it all. My flight there, my hotel, and a stipend for food. Plus they will give me an advance to cover some day-to-day expenses. I'll be there for a week - 7 WHOLE DAYS!!!! - before Thanksgiving.

The exceptionally awesome thing is that I'll probably be staying an additional week. The Boy turns 40 right before Thanksgiving, and I figured we'd stay on in Europe for an extra week to celebrate. I've even got a student that has a house on the coast of Spain (yes, I teach those kinds of students!), so I'm hoping to work some magic and "borrow" the house for a few days ... or a week. We'll see how that goes. Even if I have to pay for the extra week out of pocket, it's SPAIN!!! In November!!!!

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