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11 March 2010

I'm a Biggest Loser!

The school weight loss competition that I started nine weeks ago is over, and, happily, I won first place! Seriously. I did not rig it! I swear! In fact, we had the school nurse in charge of the weigh ins and record keeping just so there would be no conflict of interest. So, as I said goodbye to 6% of my body weight, I said HELLO! to $300! Nothing like winning some cash to make your waistline feel even smaller. And now I can take it to Savannah and spend it on my St. Patty's day revelry.

I'm really happy about winning the money, but I most happy about how my clothes are fitting better. I feel thinner and lighter and more comfortable in my own skin. and, I guess, that is what the whole weight-loss/getting-healthy thing is about, right?
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