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14 March 2010

My favorite new toy

The Boy and I bought a super-de-duper camera last week (also known as "Candice the Canon"), and I've spent the last few days playing with it and figuring out what it is capable of. I really enjoying photography and wish that I had more time to do it. But, alas, I must work and make a real wage. Well, at least now I have a really fun toy to play with when my photographic urges strike.

The first signs of spring were popping up this weekend at The Boy's house. I love daffodils.

The trees were in bud as well. Candice has a great macro and super-macro setting that allows me to get super close to some things and allow the background to blur out a bit. I'm a big fan. I expect that I'll be using this setting A LOT.

Another favorite setting: Color Accent. I can set Candice to highlight only a certain color or color family while making the rest of the picture black and white. I chose to go with green here, and it turned out okay. I love this beat up old bench in The Boy's backyard.

This picture shows off the Color Accent feature a bit better. I obviously highlighted blue while letting everything else fade to black and white. I love the little hints of blue sky that appear and the bright white of the sunny clouds.

A bird family regularly makes its home in this hose hanger. It normally dive bombs me every time I walk near it (which is hard to avoid since the nest is all of one foot away from the front door!), but the nest was empty today. The glare in the top left annoys me, but the rest of the composition pleases me.
More play with color accent. The burgundy of the wine was highlighted, but I adjusted the limits to allow more of the red color family into the photo. The pale pink in the matting of the painting came through when I increased the limits. I like the results.
I head to Savannah on Tuesday for some good St. Patty's Day fun, and I plan to visit Bonaventure Cemetery again to get some great pics. I took a ton during my last trip to Savannah, but, as I looked back through the blog, I never actually posted any of them! How much do I suck? Well, I'll be sure to post plenty when I get back this time. And, hopefully, they will be even better than the pictures that you never got to see because I'm taking them with Candice.
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