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28 March 2010


I have it. Bad. I am bored with being in one place, and I'm needing a change. Thankfully, I'm getting a short dose of remedy this week when I am in San Diego.

It's sad that I feel so restless. I have an amazing job that makes me completely happy. I like living in NC, and I have a pretty sweet life. I'm just feeling stir crazy. I've even put out feelers at other private schools in other states! What is wrong with me!?!? I think it is my mind and spirit's way of preventing me from laying down roots and really growing up. I think that, since I have a big birthday coming up in a few short months, I am doing everything possible to avoid being "old" and a real "adult." Maybe I'm just having my midlife crisis a few decades early. Or maybe I'm only going to live till I'm 60 and then a midlife crisis would be right on time.

Any way, San Diego this week should be just the ticket to cure my wanderlust. Even if it is only a short term fix ...
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