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23 March 2010

When mail makes you laugh at loud

Today was a good day at work. My kids were "on" and my surprise observation went very well. I went home tired but satisfied. As soon as I got home and opened my mail, an instant perma-smile hit me. Nothing is better than mail from your little niece who is learning how to read and write. And it came with a picture!

The letter is really cute. Especially since she asks about Bailey. Aww ...

I love the picture that she drew, although it hurts my feelings that I have a GIANT head. :) If you can't read it, it says "Kyra got her tonsels out she's getting better!" Awww ...

It's these moments that make me homesick and completely in love with my family. I may have to take these to work with me and keep them on my desk.

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