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21 March 2010

Is it bad that food makes me happy?

This weekend has been low key and relaxing. The best kind and the best way to get ready to start back to work tomorrow.

Today I woke without the alarm (yeah!) and went to mass at 10:30. I chatted with Father Dan for a few minutes and hen headed off to the grocery store. While there, I picked up a nice bone-in pork chop (free range and organic, of course!) and a bottle of vinho verde. The two don't go together perfectly, but I love them and that is all that matters. After a lazy afternoon hanging around the house, I cooked up my chop in some nice peach BBQ sauce and made some forbidden rice to go with it. All laid out on a bed of fresh baby spinach, it made a nice dinner. Add a few glasses of wine, and we are all set! The most impressive thing is that I cooked it all by myself. I guess those rumors about me being catered to by The Boy and inept in the kitchen may be false ... we'll have to wait and see.

See my handy work? It doesn't look as yummy as it tasted, but I was pretty impressed with my handy work!
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