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04 March 2010

Days that make it all worth it

Today, despite a good bit of chaos added for spice, was a good day. A very good day.

It started with a weigh-in. A weigh-in that found me 3.5 pounds lighter! That means I've lost 16.5 pounds since I started this fiasco ... I mean adventure. There is no better way to start a day than that! To celebrate my thinner waist, I wore a grey sheath dress and my black long military jacket with some hot red pumps. I looked pretty cute! Not to brag or anything!

The chaos at school started shortly, and I spent all day chasing down the resolutions. Ugh. The drawbacks of working with 11-year-olds.

The school day ended with the Science Showcase. The kids have been working on Independent Science Projects all trimester and have some wonderful things to share. They all were in charge of thinking of a research topic, developing an experiment plan, and pursuing their conclusions. Their final products were amazing. Every student was responsible for writing a paper about their topic and experiments and then they had to create a poster presentation and a short 2-minute schpiel. At 2:30, all of the parents, some faculty, and some older students came down to the showcase to see what the 6th graders have done. They all did such amazing work. I am really proud of them. It is days like today -- watching my kids be awesome and grown up and responsible -- that remind me why I became a teacher.
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