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17 May 2011

Before I die ...

Before I headed south and west to the Big Easy, one of my favorite colleagues tweeted about a pretty cool collaborative art piece in the Faubourg Marigny area of NOLA. It was a pretty cool concept and, despite being a semi-questionable neighborhood, it was worth the walk.

The boards had been cleaned since the original post, but the boards were beginning to fill up again. I wanted to add my two-cents, but the chalk was gone! Smashed and stolen form the piece. That clearly has happened before because there was more than one "before I die" statements that had to do with the "jerk who keeps stealing the chalk."

I was pretty impressed with the seriousness and maturity of the majority of the statements. Too often people take these opportunities to act like jerks. The people who had participated in this exhibit really had some interesting things to say.

I like this statement. Simple, but profound.

I, too, want to learn.  Everything.

I appreciate the "love my family" statement. Some people really struggle with this.
More than would like to admit, I'm sure. 

I was really struck by the "get clean" statement. The candor gave me pause. 

Pretty cool, huh?

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