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16 May 2011

NOLA Recap

The Boy graduated (for the 5th time) this weekend. Hopefully this is his last graduation for a while. And, by "for a while" I mean "forever." The weather in NOLA was gorgeous the entire time I was there, and we had a great time. (There will be a forthcoming post regarding the less-than-great aspect of the trip, i.e. family.)

It was sad to leave knowing that I won't be going back to visit anytime soon. It's been so wonderful to fly down there avery few weeks/months and eat good food, drink good drinks, and just enjoy all that NOLA has to offer.

And now, as with all my trips, some pictures to share. I honestly didn't take many this trip, but I'll share the few that I did take.

The stained glass at Immaculate Conception reflecting on the pews.

Immaculate Conception

Looking up at the Cathedral.

What time is it?

Summertime buds.

Cathedral on a clear day.

Joan of Arc

I'll miss this part of the Quarter.
The drunk people? Not so much.

Artistic security device.

Me and my boy.

The Causeway at sunset.

A bit o' bayou.

One last look at the Mighty Miss.

And I've finished composing my coffee table book reflecting back on my year "in" NOLA.

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