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24 May 2011

Blessings in the shape of a boy

The Boy graduated from Tulane with all the appropriate pomp and circumstance just a few short weeks ago. Sadly the economy is less exciting and The Boy has no job yet. He is definitely looking and looking hard, willing to take something out of his field of expertise as long as it is gainful employment. The hard part about that is that he now has five (six?) degrees which makes him over-qualified for a lot. But he's pretty great and keeps his head up. He's one of those people who doesn't get beaten down when things do go just how he wants. He's confident that things will work out however God plans. Unfortunately we don't know that plan so we just have to ride it out until that plan is revealed.

The great thing about him being unemployed is that he has moved in with me temporarily. Now, most of you know that I LOVE living alone and don't always share my space easily. He knows this as well. And he has been doing an amazing job of being respectful of my space as well as chipping in to the household in whatever way he can (since monetary contributions aren't his strong suit right now). He has been cooking fantastic meals for me (Sunday night's dinner was salmon, Israeli couscous with mango and pineapple, spinach and wine, of course!) and cleaning the house like crazy. Yesterday he washed all the windows (no more Bailey nose-prints!), cleaned and vacuumed all of the carpets, mopped and waxed the floors, dusted and cleaned all my pictures on the wall, and took care of The Beast all day. He essentially is doing all of the things that I never have time for because I am gone all day at work and too tired to do them when I get home.

Having him around is also pretty great because I am able to get back to my regular gym routine. In fact, now I can go straight to the gym after work and then home. Normally I have to go home after work, walk and feed the dog, and then leave for the gym at 7pm or so. Now I get home around 6 and can relax and hang out with The Boy and The Beast.

Aside from all the great things he is doing while I'm away at work, the best part about having him around is having him around. We've spent the majority of our relationship living at least 45 minutes apart. The whole time I live in the 'boro, he either lived in NY or in WS (which was about 45 minutes away, depending on traffic). After I moved to the Triangle, we were 90 minutes apart. Then he moved to NOLA which meant, yet again, we were HOURS apart. So we are pretty well versed in living apart and making things work. It takes effort and communication, but we make it work. It's nice to be able to see each other each and every day now. We can watch movies together, eat dinner together, talk face-to-face, go for walks with The Beast (if it isn't a million degrees out), and just be near each other. Even if it is just short term.

He's always been a blessing to me. Now it is just all the more evident.
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