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24 May 2011

What does it mean when you dream of land octopi ...

... in Ireland?

Here is my dream from last night. You tell me what hidden meaning I am supposed to find in it because I am at a total loss.

Quinn's Momma and I are in Ireland. Not in a hotel or anything but a house. I know this because we have the means to wash our clothes. But not in a modern way. In the bar of soap, washboard, and clothesline way. So we are washing some clothes and Quinn's Momma shakes out a blanket or something that had a lot of pockets in it (who knows where that dream image comes from), and, as she shakes it, a tiny octopus the size of a tennis ball pops out of the pocket. As soon as it hits the ground, it scurries into a shaded corner like a cockroach. I completely freak out (because, apparently, I'm afraid of octopi) and start screaming. It doesn't freak me out that an octopus is hanging out on dry land; it freaks me out that there is a creature running around the house. As we continue to shake out the blanket, more and more tiny octopi keep coming out. I continue to freak out, and Quinn's Momma is cool, calm, and collected (much like her real-life demeanor). All of the scurry off to dark spaces and corners, and I end up standing on a chair.

Somewhere around there, I wake up because I really have to pee. And I'm totally bewildered by this dream. Supposedly dreams have meaning, but, for the life of me, I can't seem to piece together any real meaning from this one.

I do not want this crawling around my house.
Even if it could actually survive for long periods outside of water. 
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