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25 December 2011

I'm a liar

Earlier this month, I decided to stay in NC for the holidays and do the flying-solo Christmas with my good friends. In my entire life, I've missed Christmas Eve with my family ONCE, and my mom was very unhappy that it was going to happen again. I didn't want to make the drive (9+ hours) twice in such a short time (four days), but, as the holiday got closer, I decided to do it as a surprise to the family. 

I told my dad that I was coming home (I needed a bed to stay in!) and my sister found out later. No one else knew, and I locked down my Facebook statuses so my snooping mother (love you!) wouldn't find out. I packed up the car in the cover of darkness early on Christmas Eve morning and was headed north by 5:20am. If you've never driven on the interstate on Christmas Eve before, I HIGHLY recommend it. Traffic was light, people were courteous, and the driving was easy. I made AMAZING time getting home (9 hours and 20 minutes) and even had time to stop at my favorite bagel shop to get a hot NY treat. 

Yep. This is my life. 
I showed up at Mom and Dad's around 4pm, letting Bailey walk in first, causing just that right amount of chaos. I walked in shortly after, and Mom was totally shocked. She cried, my sister-in-law cried ... it was awesome. The typical Christmas Eve chaos ensued with the nieces and nephews running around and playing and getting into trouble. The brothers and sisters bickering and bantering and enjoying adult beverages. The Beast running around, begging for food from anyone who looks like a sucker. It was a good time. 

Christmas morning came far too soon after Midnight Mass, and I found myself at my sister's house to watch her girls open their presents. Back at Mom and Dad's shortly after for some more Christmas festivities with Mom's family. Surprisingly, Mom's family event was more quiet than the night before. Thankfully. Bailey still begged from everyone and definitely got more handouts today than yesterday. We both are going to be 5lbs. heavier when we leave in a few days. 

The weather yesterday was FREEZING. I left NC at 5:20am and it was 45 degrees. When I got to NY, it was 26 degrees. And it only got colder as the night progressed. When I left for Midnight Mass, it was 18 degrees out. EIGHTEEN DEGREES, people! My body is not used to these temperatures. Today was a little better ... it's currently 35 degrees at 7pm (although in NC right now it's currently 50 degrees). At least the sun was out for the whole day. But it's still damn cold. Much colder than I am comfortable with. I think I'm only a NYer in attitude these days; my blood has certainly thinned out.

I hope you all had a joyous and blessed Christmas wherever you are!
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