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11 December 2011

My minimalist Christmas

This is the first Christmas of my life that I will celebrate alone. I'll be here in NC (with all of my wonderful friends, of course!), and all of my family will be in NY. It'll be a good growth experience for me, and I hope to get a lot of work done during the week off. I've finally gotten around to decorating the house, and, in the leftover feelings of downsizing, I have sorted through my decorations and am getting rid of A LOT. 

So this Christmas, I'm taking a rather minimalist approach to decorating. I've got my tree up and some other small things here and there, but it's not overwhelming or crazy. I'm also not doing much in terms of gift giving either, so, in reality, my entire Christmas is quite minimalist in general. 

My tree is the same tree I've had for years, and she is growing way too tall. I don't think she'll fit in the house next Christmas, but we'll see when we get there. 

I decided to add some sparkle to my glass cabinet by adding some ornaments of various sizes in different glasses.

Sparkle in a Marie Antoinette champagne glass.

Guinness glasses sparkle, too.

And there's gotta be a martini glass as well!

My favorite decoration. 
And the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. And it looks a little tropical with the orchid as a centerpiece (and I'm just noticing my manatee sculpture. That adds a special effect...).

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