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11 December 2011

Steal of the day!

I didn't actually steal this jacket, but I might as well have! I paid only $26.99 for it, and it rocks. I went to Old Navy today for the first time in AGES. I went in looking for a specific t-shirt (a student and I are going to be "twins" on Tuesday as a part of Homecoming Spirit Week, and I needed to pick up the shirt that we had agreed upon), but they are having some massive sales so I figured I'd look around a bit. It's hard for this girl to resist a good sale. I found a few 3/4 sleeve Ts for $5 and then I stumbled upon this little gem. A white cropped peacoat with cuffed sleeves for $26.99!! 

I've been needing a new coat, but it is so hard for me to find one that fits right because the sleeves are always too short. I have rather long arms, and I've ALWAYS struggled with sleeve length. But, I assure you, my arm length is completely proportional to the rest of my long body! :) This coat was perfect because 1.) it fit, 2.) it's cute and 3.) the cuffs were only tacked in place. As is, the sleeves were too short. But it took all of ten minutes for me to cut out the original tack and retack them longer. And now they are perfect! And I love it! 

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