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09 April 2012

Easter in Annapolis

Easter was a rousing success! The weather was gorgeous, the company was fun, and the food was fantastic. 

The Beau and I drove north into DC and arrived around noon. We hit a few museums and enjoyed the warm sunshine before driving the rest of the way into Annapolis. I didn't take nearly as many photographs as usual, but the ones I did take will appear in a future blog post. I'm too swamped with other things right now to get them offloaded and taken care of. 

Saturday was CREPES! and the Naval Academy and Sunday was just hanging out and relaxing with the family and The Beau. Jess made an awesome Easter dinner that we got to enjoy outdoors in the sunshine. It was a pretty fantastic day. 

But, of course, I did snap a few Instagrams at Easter dinner. You know me, the iPhone is never too far away!

Jess's outstanding Easter dinner

Indy, enjoying the hambone
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