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05 April 2012

Easter weekend plans

This weekend I am driving up to Annapolis to visit the cousin and his lovely bride (although I'm not sure I can call her a "bride" anymore given that they've been married for over a year now ...). It should be a good weekend because, let's be honest, anytime we all get together is a good time. But this time will be a little different. Why?

The Beau is going. We were going to go camping, but, given the fact that neither of us have been getting decent sleep these past few weeks, we decided that going someplace with actual beds might be more relaxing for a mini-vacation. So, we're headed to Annapolis (with a small jaunt into DC) to hang with the cousins.

Which, of course, makes me a little nervous. The Beau has met only one of my friends thus far (db at the Saucer on a Saturday night), and meeting the cousin and his wife is a bit like meeting the parents. The Annapolis family is pretty important to me (despite of - or because of - our awesomely acrimonious banter), so B meeting them feels like a big step. Hopefully all will go well.

If it doesn't go well, at least there will be crepes and lemoncello shots and cigars ...

And, hopefully, spending three solid days together won't result in us realizing that we want to kill each other. I don't think that will happen, but, hey, you never know till you try it!
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