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29 April 2012

A new hike to enjoy

Summer has arrived here in NC, and that means all sorts of fun outdoor activities await! The Beast and I drove out to Jordan Lake for the first time and hit one of the longer trails. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we hiked for just over two hours and covered 6 miles. We were both pretty beat afterwards, but it was all-in-all a wonderful day. Aside from the massive tick I found crawling on The Beast when we got home. Man, those things totally skeeve me out!

I brought the camera out of hiding (I feel miserable that I haven't been doing as much photography as I would like to recently), and I'll share more shots when I actually offload them from the device. But, for now, my iPhone pics will have to suffice ...

Jordan Lake
More of the lake
What are these flowers? They are pretty cool.
My obligatory "looking up" shot.

I forgot to mention that a good friend recommend this hike, and I'm super glad she did!! I love having smart  and savvy friends!
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