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21 April 2012

Escape to the Gulf 2012

It's the annual Florida trip, and LL actually made it this year!! I haven't seen her for TWO WHOLE YEARS, and it's been so very awesome to hang out with her (and the parents, of course!) for the last two days. Despite stormy and gross weather all day today, we've had an awesome time. It's hard to believe that I already have to leave tomorrow. Sad face. :(
Family portrait in the Reserve. 

I pretty much adore these little birds. 

So damn cute!

Waves crashing could possibly be the most soothing sound in life. 

The lizards were EVERYWHERE!!

Me, doing what I do best. Texting on the beach. (Most likely texting The Beau.)

There were even crabs in the trees! 

And horseshoe crabs and bait fish in the water ... where they belong.

Note the little bird AND the waves crashing ...

I love how the one in the center looks like he's doing a jig ...

A few of my favorite peeps ... LL and Jenn. I'm the giant on the left. ;)

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