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26 April 2012

Getting in touch with my inner child

Today I got to hang out with one of my all-time favorite three-year-olds, Q. I met up with her and her momma after school and went out for pizza. After pizza, Q didn't want the party to end, so we went back to their house and played on the driveway with "chalk." I say "chalk" because it wasn't really chalk. It was better! Q's Momma found a recipe on Pinterest for making really easy chalk that washes clean and comes in every color (Kik, you should TOTALLY do this with your boys!). All it is is equal parts corn starch  and water with food coloring added. It makes a liquid "chalk" that can be used on pavement with paint brushes. It's pretty cool. And especially cool is that you can combine colors and even make color "rivers." 

I always love hanging out with Q and her momma, and today as certainly no exception. Sitting on the pavement with my chalky paintbrush in hand, turning the grey canvas colorful was therapeutic and relaxing. I forget too easily what it's like to just enjoy the simple things. The easy pleasures that I too often rush right by. 

Polka dots, rainbows, and flowers
Rivers of color
Isn't it cool how they blend?
My favorite little artist
Q's Momma's rainbow
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