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22 July 2012

Birthday weekend!!

This past Friday was the big 3-2 for me, and it was a pretty great day. As I've gotten older, birthdays have lost their luster. But this one was pretty fantastic. I had to teach summer camp all day, so I made sure I told all the kids early in the week that my birthday was coming up. A little shameless self-promotion, as one of my friends said. I'm okay with that. Having a birthday in the summer months always meant that all of my friends were away for my birthday and it was always pretty low-key. I'll take what I can get.

One of my former students brought me a box of her mom's AMAZING cookies. Another student brought me a huge cookies-and-cream cupcake. I got lemon bars, cards, and a few rousing renditions of "Happy Birthday!" All in all, they were pretty adorable with their efforts. 

Birthday cookies!!
When I got home, Leah and Him had worked pretty hard (and secretively!) to make some awesome birthday surprises. Leah had worked hard to create "coupons" for me for foot massages and early bedtimes and other cute things. She had also made chocolates in her summer camp that day. It was pretty adorable. The greatest surprise was from Him. He had purchased a ton of different craft beers for me as well as a few different wines to enjoy. He also got me flowers and a few other gifts. One of which was a coffee maker, coffee, and filters. This was actually hysterical because I don't even drink coffee. But, because of that, I never have any in the house for him when he visits. So it was more of an "us" present. It was pretty sweet.

An awesome birthday spread!
After all of the gift-giving, he and I went out to see The Dark Knight Rises and have dinner. We also stopped off at a beer tasting. Leah stayed at home with a sitter and had an absolute blast. It was our first real date and the first time we spent one-on-one time without Leah around. I love having her here, but it was nice to get away with Him and have a nice romantic night. 

Saturday night was dinner at My Favorite Couple's house, and that was a great time as well. A few of my friends got to meet Him, and I think it went really well. From my take on things, everyone liked each other. Which is awesome. 

All in all it was an awesome birthday weekend!

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