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12 July 2012

Just when you stop looking ...

The whole dating thing is daunting. It's exhausting. And discouraging. And overwhelming. You have to weed through a whole lotta bad to find anything good. And the hard part is that sometimes the good stuff sometimes isn't the right stuff (I feel like busting out into a NKOTB song). And discerning between the two can be the most exhausting and trying part of the whole dating process. I've dated some good, some bad, some okay, but I haven't found the right one yet. The one I'd be willing to get married again for. The one I'd consider having kids with. The one with whom it just feels right.

Because I am surrounded all day by married people and young kids, my "meeting eligible bachelors opportunities" is limited. Unless I become a barfly -- which presents the opportunity to meet a certain type of individual -- it's hard to meet men worth my time. So I ventured into the world of online dating and have had some questionable results. There are definitely some sketchy people out there, and the online world gives those sketchy people confidence and a forum. So weeding through them can be a challenge. 

I was getting pretty discouraged with the whole thing and was ready to give up. And then, on a random Sunday afternoon, I "met" Him. We chatted online for a while before we exchanged numbers. We texted furiously for a few days before we actually spoke. And, when we finally spoke on the phone, we talked for three hours. And the next night we spoke for three more hours. And I hate talking on the phone! Ever since then, we've talked and texted every day. We spend all our time laughing and joking and really enjoying each others' company. The hardest thing is that he lives about three hours away from me, so seeing each other isn't the most convenient thing in the world. When we finally did met face to face, everything just fell into place perfectly. 

He's pretty awesome. He's driven up to visit me the past few weekends, and he is totally cool with doing 9-year-old friendly things with my niece. We've seen the Katy Pery movie together with Leah and gone to the pool and the children's museum and all sorts of different things. Everything between us has felt 100% normal and comfortable and easy. Which is weird because we've only known each other for such a short time. 

Last weekend while he was visiting, I got sick. Sick enough to have to go to Urgent Care. What did he do? He took care of everything. I went to Urgent Care and he stayed home with Leah and the dogs (mine and his two). While I was gone, he cleaned up the kitchen, made Leah's bed, made sure her teeth were brushed and jammies were on. The next day, he stayed in town to help me with Leah because I was still a little fuzzy from the pain meds they put me on. I was so amazed and impressed that I wanted to cry. 

He's one of the most kind and sweet man I have ever met. He is thoughtful and considerate and readily shows me affection and love. He is generous and giving. He makes me laugh. And, if you know anything about me, that is truly the key to my heart. 

We've talked about everything and really don't have secrets from each other. Granted, it's new and there's obviously a lot of the honeymoon period thing going on, but this feels right. Righter than anything has ever felt before. We've talked about taking vacations and kids and potentially getting married. Yep, even that. We've joked about getting married in November when I go to Vegas for a conference. So don't be surprised ... ;-)

Mom and Dad are telling me to slow down, and I get that. I'm not getting married tomorrow, but I could definitely see it happening with him. I told them that we wouldn't move any faster than they did. And they got married after 6 weeks. :-) We're definitely serious after such a short time, but we aren't doing anything crazy. We're going home to see my family at the end of the month, and I'm pretty sure that he will blend in perfectly with the dad and brothers. 

So, there you have it. The down low on my current dating situation. It's going really well right now (obviously), and I hope this trend continues. 
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