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30 July 2012

Home sweet CNY

This week was my annual summertime trip to Ithaca and all other places home. He and I drove north early on Sunday with the niece in tow. We made really good time (9 hours and 45 minutes!) and the conditions driving up was gorgeous. No rain. No traffic. No problems. 

When we arrived at Mom and Dad's house, this is what greeted us ...

My parents have the most amazing views. 
The niece and I had requested breakfast for dinner as our welcome home dinner, and, as usual, Mom did it right! Pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips (and, of course, NY syrup!), orange juice (and mimosas), bacon (for the non-vegeterians), and cookies. The cookies weren't a breakfast food, but they were tasty nonetheless!


Mom dyed the kids' pancakes green. Not sure why, but they wanted it. 
The sky was absolutely amazing all afternoon. The clouds were beautiful and puffy and the sky was a stunning blue.  It was the best welcome home gift a girl could ask for!

And the sunset that night was stunning as well. 

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