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15 July 2012

Weekend in Charlotte

This weekend, Leah and I drove to Charlotte to spend the weekend having fun adventures and hanging out with Him. It was only a 2&1/2 hour drive which Leah happily wanted to take because she adores both Him and his puppies. We didn't arrive until around 8 on Friday evening due to schedule issues here in the Triangle, but the drive was nice and easy (minus a little heavy traffic due to an accident in Durham). Leah had never seen "skyscrapers" before, so, when we drove around 277 (the beltline around Charlotte) and she saw the tall buildings, she was bouncing up and down in her seat. It was absolutely adorable how excited she was about seeing "skyscrapers" for the first sign. 

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and then out to Discovery Place, a really cool children's museum in downtown Charlotte. There were a ton of great hands-on activities for her to play with and learn from. We watched a 3-D movie about dolphins and whales (Well, she and Him watched it. Leah knocked my glasses off my lap accidentally just as the lights went down, and we couldn't see to find them. As a PSA, 3-D movies are totally not cool without the 3-D glasses) and saw some pretty cool fish, including a shrimp called a "Sexy Dancer Shrimp." Huh? What is that about? Of course, Leah noticed the name of the fish and asked a lot of questions about that. 

Leah using her muscles in a tug-o-war.
Laying on a bed of nails
Looking in the cool mirror in the creepy "germ and bacteria" section of the museum.
Like I mentioned before, Leah pretty much adores Him. Anytime he and I attempt to kiss or hold hands or hug, she always steps between us and pushes  us apart. Every time we go out to eat, she has to sit next to him and I get to sit all alone on my side. It's sweet how much she loves him, and he definitely loves her too. They are always laughing and joking and roughhousing. She loves it. 

Besties in the making. How adorable.
Acting tough. Believe me. It's all an act. 
Maybe someday she'll back off enough for Him and I to actually get our picture taken together. :)
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