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25 July 2012

My blended family

While it's certainly not official, I am now a step-mom. To two dogs. He has two dogs -- a young yellow lab puppy and a 2-year-old dachshund -- and, initially, I was quite hesitant to combine our two families. Bailey can be weird around other dogs sometimes. She generally thinks that she is a people and prefers to be around people. When other dogs are in the picture, she generally ignores them, or they make her so nervous that she gets sick. With Him having two dogs, I was worried to say the least. Especially with the puppy because she is so ... puppy-esque. I was pretty sure that Bailey was going to hate Sunny. The dachshund is older and smaller, so I really wasn't concerned about the dynamic between those two. 

The three of them have spent the last four weekends together and it has been, surprisingly, great! They definitely play and roughhouse and often get into trouble for making too much of a racket, but, overall, things go really well with them. Even in my tiny little two-bedroom apartment. In fact, Bailey and Sunny often play rough together, and Bailey even acts like a young pup again around her ... until she gets annoyed and cuts it short. Which makes sense because B is definitely Old Dog. :)

B and Sunny playing
The dogs peacefully sharing a bed
The step-kids,  Sunny and Pickles
Awwww ....

So, as it turns out, being a step-mom isn't so bad. 
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