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12 July 2012

Blowing Rock Adventures

This 4th of July, a former student and her family invited us up to their home in Blowing Rock for a mini-vacation. It was a wonderful 3-day break from the heat of Raleigh (it's been over 100 for over a week straight ... hot! hot! hot!), and we had a great time. The mountain air was cool and refreshing, and we did a ton of very cool things ... hiking, fishing (and eating what we caught), 4-wheeling, watching fireworks ... I haven't spent much time in the NC mountains, but I'm definitely game to make it a priority. 

The most adorable moment of the trip? When the girls saw the mountains for the first time and exclaimed:"Oh my gosh! They are beautiful!" Warms an auntie's heart. I'm glad I could share that with her. 

Lots of pretty path pictures

And stepping stones and stairs

Quite the threesome ...

My NC family!

What a group of ladies. This was before we were too hot and sweaty to smile. 

I imagine hobbits living at the end of this.

The rhododendrons were in bloom and beautiful.

See? Stairs. 

Swimming in a mountain stream.

The water was mighty cold. 

But cold water doesn't stop fun!

My Megster.

Brrr ....

Pretty mushroom.

And yet more stairs.

We were only 2.5 miles in on our 6, and the Megster was thrilled!

We happened upon a doe. And she pretty much ignored that we were there. 

The Blue Ridges. 


Hiking on a cow path ... complete with cows. 

Baiting a hook to catch dinner. 

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