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02 August 2012

An engaging story

In case you haven't heard the big news, I got engaged over vacation!

Just kidding! But we totally played the best prank ever on my mom, and it worked like a charm!

Before heading home, He and I bought a big, giant, fake ring that I was going to wear home to shock my mom. It took her over an hour before she even noticed it, and I was intentionally doing EVERYTHING with my left hand. Drinking wine. Eating. Motioning. When she finally noticed, she flipped out a bit. Her exact words were, "What the hell is that?!" Her next statement was, "You just had to get one bigger than mine. I had to wait 35 years for mine!!"

It was awesome. I can't lie, so I just sat there and smiled like a giddy school girl. He took the lead on the story, and we played along for a few minutes. The best part of the whole thing was that it was in front of the whole family!! Mom was pist. And it was wonderful. She needs a little excitement in her life to keep her young. de
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