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30 August 2012

Life's about changin' ...

... nothin' ever stays the same.

This weekend is a big weekend for me. JD (formerly known as "him," but he has requested I not refer to him by such a nondescript alias) is moving in. We've been planning this for a while, so I'm ready for it. But it will still be a massive change. He's only bringing a few pieces of furniture, a TV or two (he hates my old tube TVs which is fine because that means new flat screens!), all of his clothes, a few miscellaneous odds and ends, and ... two dogs. That will bring the household total to 3. Three dogs (two large, one small) and two humans in about 1,000 square feet. It will definitely be an experiment in patience and compromise. Thankfully, all of the dogs like each other. The problem is that sometimes they like each other too much and the living room transforms into a doggie wrestling arena. That wears on a girl's patience. Thankfully, I love all the pups immensely, so I'm praying my love for them will give me the patience not to kill them all.

We plan to move into a bigger place (hopefully a house ... rented, of course) when my lease expires, but, being over two hours apart for the next five months or so didn't appeal to either one of us. Living in a two-bedroom apartment with three dogs for 5 months isn't ideal, but it's better than the alternative. And, the way I figure it is, if we can survive this little adventure, we're golden. We can handle anything that gets thrown our way.

Unless of course I come home to this scene again ...

Remind me again why I have dogs?
Yesterday, after JD left to go pack up his apartment, he forgot to close the pantry door. And Bailey, not to miss an opportunity, raided it. She and Pickles (the little dog and the only male) had a field day with the pasta and bananas (they ate 5! Skins and all!!) and macaroni and peanut butter and nutella and saltine crackers. It was NOT pleasant to come home to. This was AFTER Sunny (the yellow dog) chewed a hole in my living room carpet that morning. 

If this happens too often (or ever again), there will be no need to get a bigger place because there will be no dogs to worry about!
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