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12 August 2012

The British are in Bristol!

A good friend and I drove to Bristol TN/VA this weekend to see our favorite band ... Mumford and Sons! It was a small stopover venue with about 15,000 people, and it was an AMAZING show. The band and their accompanying bands took over the town and made every effort to take advantage of the tour. There were Union Jacks hanging everywhere and restaurants, bars, and clothing stores were offering all sorts of Mumford and Sons discounts. It was great to see such a quaint little town flourish. I kinda fell in love with Bristol as well. It's a really sweet little town ... and not just because they have a delicious bakery!!

Tasty cupcakes at the Blackbird Bakery. 
Mere and I under the Union Jack. 
More pretty cookies. 
Union Jack, proudly waving, 
Mumford and Sons taking the stage. We were far away (because we didn't camp out all day), but the music was awesome nonetheless. 
Lots of people enjoying the sun and good music. 

I love the juxtaposition of my saints bracelet and my Over 21 beer-approved bracelet. 
The weekend was whirlwind and wonderful, and I'm so happy I got to go see Mumford and Sons for the second summer in a row with Mere. They played almost all of their old album and a ton of new stuff. The greatest part? For the last song, they brought ALL of the bands up on stage and played an impromptu "Wagon Wheel." It was A-MAZING. 
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