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12 August 2012

I love other people's houses ...

I regularly go back and forth between wanting to own a home that I could truly make my own and wanting to be an eternal apartment dweller where I don't have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. This weekend in Bristol certainly tipped the scales in favor of home ownership. 

While staying in Bristol with a friend and her mom, I fell in love with two awesome houses. The first, my friend's mom's, is old and clean and well decorated and as original as possible. I mean, the doors and doorknobs are original. The windows are awesome and original. There is even the original phone box in the hallway. I loved everything about it. 

The second house I fell in love with belonged to a friend of my friend's mom. It is an awesome little house. It's decorated like a little antique shop with wonderful little touches everywhere. Nothing really matched, but, when it all gets put together, it looks so comfortable and lived and just perfect. 

The front room has mismatched leather and fabric furniture that works perfectly together. I LOVE that she has framed a piece of her children's art in a heavy weight frame and has lit it with a gallery light. I love it!

The sitting room with easy comfy couches with lots of little touches. 

I've always loved the idea of stacked books as a side table, but I've always been worried about how it work and what it would look like. She has done it wonderfully. 

Love, love, LOVE the kitchen! Everything about it! The only thing I would change would be to find an old retro stove. 

The most amazing feature in this house? The 14' ceilings ... in the basement! The basement isn't completely finished but it has so much potential!

I'm totally ready to buy a house now. :)
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