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08 August 2012

New baths

I finally updated my bathroom. I've had the same ratty towels and shower curtain (not liner!) and rugs since I registered for my wedding way back over 11 years ago. When I registered for the wedding, I was young and ignorant, and I registered for pretty towels, not durable towels. So, 11 years later, I have faded, ugly, paper-thin towels. Aside from their beat down condition, they are also small. They barely cover me! So, after making a little money this summer working summer camps, I decided it was time to splurge on some new bathroom accessories. Of course, this meant a trip to Target. 

Who knew how hard it was to chose new bathroom colors?! No one warned me about this business!! I wanted something pretty and nice but nothing too girly and frilly. I was also thinking towards the future when He and I get a place together (maybe December) because no man wants to have a pink girly bathroom. And, while I love pink, it doesn't really belong in the bathroom. I finally found a color scheme and pattern that I liked as well as plush cozy towels that are simply amazing. I even splurged and bought the giant bath sheets because He likes using them instead of the regular sized ones. 

New towels. Aqua, teal, and white. 
One of the new rugs and some towels. I can't wait to have a real bathroom.
My new shower curtain. Blue birds. Ain't it purty?
Close up of the shower curtain. 
And there you have it. The new bathroom digs. 
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