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12 August 2012

Straddling the states

Funny thing about Bristol. It's straddles the border between Tennessee and Virginia. In fact, the state line runs down the center of State St. 

Because of this weirdness, there were all sorts of crazy rules about where you could take your beers during the concert. See the sign below ...

At one point, I was traveling from the main stage to the secondary stage and I was told I couldn't bring my beer. I asked why and he told me it was because of the fact that you can't bring alcohol across state lines. So, in a government-enforced move, I chugged my beer so I could see the other bands. (Only later did I learn that it was actually because the two stages were actually at different venues and each venue had sold their beer licensing to different vendors. It had nothing to do with the state line which actually ran down the road two blocks away. But the kid was like 18, so I'll give him a pass. And he handled my NY attitude quite well.)

Apparently, when state lines run down the center of the street, it is perfectly acceptable to walk around with no shirt on while walking a pig on a leash. Who knew?

Half of me is in TN and the other half is in VA!!
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