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21 May 2013

Broadening my horizons

If you didn't already know, JD is an archer. He enjoys bow hunting and target shooting and all things related to his bow. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was obsessed. But he's not. He just really enjoys it. He's found a bow shop in Raleigh that he enjoys shooting at and hanging out in and even joined their pro-staff team. While there, he's met some fun people who share his interests which is fantastic. I've stopped by the shop a few times, and everyone is very friendly. And, ever since he found NC Hunter Supply, he's been hounding me to try it out. I finally submitted to his incessant asking and tried it out this past weekend. As it turns out, I have a mammoth draw length - 30 inches - which makes Jim very excited. And, even though I'm a righty, I am left eye dominant, so I would need a left-handed bow. Obviously, I wasn't amazing given that it was the first time I had picked up a bow since summer field days in elementary school, but I think it could be something I enjoy. And, since JD spends pretty much all of his free time working on his bow or hanging at the bow shop or going on shoots, I figure it's an opportunity to spend some more time together.

On Saturday, I tagged along as JD and two of his pro-staff buddies (one of whom is female is a very cool chick) when they went on a field archery shoot. It was a lot of walking through the woods and watching them shoot their bows, but I learned a lot and I didn't hate it. JD was pretty excited about the whole thing and today he ordered me a bow. Of course, we talked about it before he did it, but, in a few short weeks, I'll have a shiny new bow to learn how to shoot.

Lesley, John, JD, and Cindy

Jon and JD

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