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21 May 2013

Doin' it standing up

One thing I've found this year is that I'm sitting down far more than usual when in my classroom. I've got a comfy chair and a nice desk, and I sit more than I stand. It's making me far too sedentary, and I'm feeling less engaged with my students. I'm not happy with it. All this coupled with recent research on heart disease relating to seated jobs and I've decided to try out the standing desk approach. I've been waiting on a new locking file cabinet before I could make the change, but today I decided things had to change now. During my 8th period prep, I cleaned out my desk and moved it into a colleague's classroom (he wanted it; I wasn't just pawning it off!) and switched over to the new set-up. The tables in my classroom are adjustable, so I jacked one up to the highest position and slid it into place. 

And here's the final result ... 

I'll eventually run a length of fabric around the edges to provide a privacy screen and to hide the cabinets underneath. I'll eventually get a stool that I can lean on if I need to, and I'd like a slight podium to elevate my tablet. But this set-up will do for now. 

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