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15 May 2013

So. Many. Blossoms.

I intentionally planted eight squash/zucchini plants this year in the garden because I planned on harvesting blossoms to make goat cheese stuffed fried squash blossoms. In order to have squash and zucchini (or any fruit for that matter), you have to let the flowers develop into fruit. But, if you harvest the blossoms before they become fruit, they become a very tasty snack. To ensure that I had enough plants to have both vegetables (or fruit, if you want to be technical) and tasty snacks, I planted double. This may prove to be a faulty plan because I currently have every plant in bloom with at least three flowers. In case you're bad at math I haven't pulled any blossoms to fry up yet because I want to make sure that they actually produce fruit. But if they keep blossoming at this rate, I'll be frying squash flowers before the weekend is out!

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