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26 May 2013

Is it too early for the dogs days of summer?

The weather this weekend has been perfect. The skies are blue, there is a gentle breeze blowing, and the temperatures have been consistently in the 70s. I turned off the air and opened up all the windows to get some fresh air. Of course this means there is a little more barking from the dogs as they get used to all the new noises, but the breezes and fresh air has worked wonders on my and the house.

Today, after working my rear off all day yesterday, I've been laying low. Apparently, so have the dogs. As soon as I went out to read on the patio, they all followed me and collapsed in the sun. They spent about an hour cruising around the yard, enjoying the weather. It was pretty adorable.

Bailey basking
Pickles prowling. 
Sunny sunning. 

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