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15 May 2013

Talented Friends = Beautiful Wedding Guest Books

Way back when this whole wedding planning business started, I found an sweet idea on Pinterest for a wedding guest book. Since no one ever uses a guest book beyond the actual wedding day, the idea of creating a piece of art to commemorate our wedding day was really appealing. Instead of having people sign a book that will then be shoved into a drawer or box, we'll be having our guests leave a thumb/finger print on our "tree" with a signature or a brief personal message. All of the tree designs I saw on Pinterest were pretty, but none really spoke to me. And then I remembered that I have the privilege of working with an amazingly talented artist! I showed her what I was thinking, and this is what she "threw" together...

Our wedding date is in the right corner.
Our prints will be going on the low branch directly above the date. 

Our initials are actually carved into the tree. 

This tree is so pretty that I almost don't want to cover it in fingerprints!! But I'm sure the pink, brown, and green that will eventually make up it's foliage will be wonderful, especially when we think about all the important people who came together to add those prints on our special day. I'm looking so very forward to seeing the finished piece in July and hanging it on our wall to remind us each and every day how truly blessed we are to be loved so much.

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