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15 May 2013

I'm engaged! Again!

When JD and I decided to get hitched, he gave me his mother's diamond ring. It was a large solitaire on gold band. I was very happy with it, but JD wanted to have it reset into something special for me. While  I appreciated his sweet gesture, I reassured him that it wasn't necessary. But we went to Diamonds Direct a few weeks ago (after checking things out earlier when my MOH was in town) and picked out a new setting. I was concerned about what they were going to do with the gold from his mother's band, and they said they could ship it back to us when they were done with it or melt it down into an initial pendant for me. While I would love a sweet piece of jewelry like that (even though I'm not into the whole monogrammed and initialed trend), I thought it would be sweeter to have our flower girl's initial - "E" - made. While she won't be able to wear the necklace until she is a little bigger, it is made from the gold from her grandmother's diamond band. Eliza probably won't have many memories of her grandmother when she gets older, but she'll have this to remind her. When we picked it up last night, I couldn't wait to show me soon-to-be SIL how pretty and dainty it was!

While picking up the necklace, we also finally got to pick up my ring. After three and a half weeks of a bare hand, I got to be engaged again!! I had forgotten what design JD have settled on and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I would marry JD without any jewelry or anything because, in all honesty, the ring is an unnecessary tradition, but I certainly do love what he gave me. :) It's classic with a vintage styling that I'll love for the rest of my life. None of the pictures that I've taken seem to do it justice. 

In the fancy box. 

On our invites.
The pink in the invitation makes the ring look pink. It's not.  

And twelve hours after getting it, JD took it away. He's gone to get it appraised so we can insure that bad boy. But he promised to drop it off at my work, so I can get it back as soon as possible. I love that man.

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