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06 July 2008

A good weekend ...

The Boy came over on Thursday night, and we went to see Hancock. Surprisingly, it didn't suck! We actually enjoyed it. It raised a lot of good questions about identity and belonging and purpose in life. It certainly wasn't a typical super-hero movie which is probably why I liked it. I'm not all that big on super-hero movies. And Charlize Theron looked AMAZING in it. Wow. I was impressed.

Friday was the ZOO! So much fun! I love the NC Zoo. Although it was hot as balls and suprisingly crowded for the 4th, The Fox, the Queen of the West Bank, The Boy, and I all had a ton of fun. But even the animals were sweltering and far less active than they normally are. Friday night was a 'Hoppers game with LL and her beau and NY Red and her beau. We got totally rained on so we relocated to McCoul's to finish our 4th celebration. Very good times. I love those people!

Saturday was a "training day" for my new job as sales lead at AT. I started at 9am and didn't end until after 6pm. I was supposed to leave at 2 but one associate called in with car trouble and another called in to quit ten minutes before her shift started (WTF?!?). I was exhausted when I got home, but The Boy had roasted a duck and some sweet potatoes for me. He served me a four course meal, completed with dessert! Fresh Panna Cotta with strawberries and balsamic vinegar. So yummy!!! We ate the dessert while watching The Glass Menagerie with Katherine Hepburn. Damn, I love her!

Sunday was an early mass and then back to AT for work. I was there from 10-2:30, and I got to stretch my wings as a sales lead. It was pretty great!!! When I got home, lunch was served by The Boy (pork and ziti and zucchini). He had also made me coconut macaroons (my all time favorite cookie!). He told me that, since it was my birthday month, he wanted to do special things for me. I'm like, "A month of special treats! Yes!!" It's not like he doesn't treat me phenomenally all the time anyway!

Now I'm sitting on my as, watching There Will Be Blood and trying to catch up on life. Tomorrow's going to be a long day. Perhaps I should go to be now ...
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