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27 July 2008

I'm definitely a Batman girl.

In the age old debate of Batman or Superman?, I've always sided on the Batman side. I mean, he's human, he's angsty, he has great toys, he dresses in black and has an amazing body, and he walks the thin line between good and evil with a fantastic swagger. My kind of man. Superman ... wears a red cape and is an alien. No, thank you. Batman has it going on. Superman is lack luster.

My firm beliefs were only confirmed today after watching The Dark Knight. It was 2+1/2 hours or awesomeness. Of course, casting my heart throb as the leading man didn't bias me at all! The movie was really great. Heath Ledger as the Joker was ah-mazing. I'm not saying that simply because he died before post-production was complete and his death was shrouded in mystery. He really was fantastic. He totally deserves Best Actor, and not Best Supporting Actor. With all of my love and adoration for Bale, he got totally out-acted by Ledger. Ledger was sinister and charismatic and completely comfortable in the role. It's sad that this movie really showcases his true acting talent like it has never been seen before, but it is his last movie. Very unfortunate. It is definitely worth the price of admission to see this movie. Even on our poor grad student stipends!
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