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09 July 2008

Just the kick in the ass I needed ...

Turns out that setting hard-fast dates for my comps was quite the motivator. I have caught myself up in the past few days. I typed up all of my notes (that I had written but not entered into my notes spreadsheet), and I am totally on schedule for my reading for the week. I've revised my calendar to reflect my actual dates, so now I have a really good idea of what's ahead. I feel less panicky (I hate how that word has a "k" in it. It's just like "garlicky." WTF?) and more focused. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.

My new gadget:

My previous phone has been sucking A LOT lately. The battery dies after only a few hours (which just happens to be a "feature" of the Razor), and my calls keep getting dropped. I convinced Verizon to let me exchange early, and I got this bad boy. The Palm Centro. For those of you who have made fun of me in the past, my giant red agenda is a thing of the past!! This phone/PDA has an agenda/calendar/address function that syncs directly to my computer. It also has Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I can totally write documents on my phone or computer and have them loaded into the other device. The especially cool thing is that this little gem is just slightly larger than my Razor. I'll never have to purse shop with my agenda again. That thing wouldn't fit in anything! This little guy can fit in my friggin' pocket! It's a $169.99 phone and I paid $50 for it! Partly because I got the NYS teachers' discount. No one needs to know that I'm no longer a NYS teacher. Especially conglom-o companies like Verizon.

Yeah for new phones!!!

Kiki and Sawyer and Kiki's Momma get here Sunday!! I can hardly wait!!Let's all pray that they travel safely on that long-ass car ride.
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