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14 July 2008

Life in the Fashion Lane

I'm currently on my lunch break. I close the store today for the first time on my own, and I'm pretty excited about it. You all know how much I like to be in charge and boss people around. Hey, it's what I'm good at.

It's nice living 8 minutes from work. I can zip home for lunch and chill with The Beast. Plus the office at the store isn't all that homey and comfy. Not like my house. So, here I am. Blowing away my lunch break on the computer. Yeah.

My friend Megan may be moving into the neighborhood! We might be neighbors! VERY excited about that. She has two pups and we go to the same church and we are from the same home town and we both are Boston fans. Very cool. We totally just happened upon each other at church. Had no idea about the other. Life is funny that way. I hope she gets the apartment. We would make very good neighbors. Yeah!

I got to meet Sawyer last night! He laughed at me and was "talking" to me as well. He's so friggin' adorable. But, with those genetics, I expect nothing less! I look forward to getting to spend more time with him in the future. What a lover boy!

After meeting Sawyer, I chilled with Rae and Marty for a while. It was a nice break. I needed time to catch up with them. We talked weddings and people and places and music and tv. Good times. Good times.

Holy rambling blog post, Batman!
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