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14 February 2010

A lover's weekend in Winston?

Nope. A Loser's weekend in the bathroom.

What had the potential of a wonderfully romantic weekend at The Boy's house turned to be the weekend of my discontent. Or, should I say, discomfort.

I got to Winston in the evening on Thursday with no problem. We watched a bit of TV, had a few cocktails, and went to bed early. We slept in, The Boy served me breakfast in bed, and then we stayed in bed reading and relaxing until 2pm! It was fabulous! Until 4:30pm came along.

The stomach flu that has hit everyone and their mother finally sunk her teeth into me. I spent the next 36 hours (give or take) in the bathroom or sleeping in bed. I mean, seriously, I was only awake for about five hours on Saturday. The Boy, as always, was great. He made me meals (when I could actually stomach food), took care of the Beast, and babied me. He's pretty great that way. I woke up feeling better this morning until I ate breakfast. Not so good. I'm still feeling a bit wretched and have called in to work tomorrow. Ugh.

So a Valentine's Day that is supposed to be low-key and loving turned out to be not-so-much. The Boy did get me an Audrey Hepburn DVD collection which was really sweet. He's great that way. I figure I'll be watching quite a bit of it tomorrow. From the couch.

Hopefully this means that I won't be catching the stomach flu again. You can get immune from this thing, right? Kiki?
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