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15 February 2010

Take that, Stomach Flu!

It was really more like I took it and dealt with it until it had run it's course, but the flu is happily gone! I stayed home from work today to make sure that it was all the way gone, and I'm feeling a lot better now. Yeah! Back to work tomorrow for me!

I ran a few errands this afternoon once I was feeling better, and part of those errands involved retail therapy. I live about five miles from a tiny little outlet center which hap
pens to have a Nine West outlet as well as an Izod outlet. I picked up a few new pieces of clothing for my school wardrobe and then hit the Nine West. I was in need of a pick-me-up -- being housebound for four days gets a girl down -- and here is the aftermath ...

After some straightening, the new babies look a little less frazzled.

I know that retail therapy isn't the best strategy, but, in reality, I haven't bought any clothing items or shoes since before Espana. Which, for me, is a HUGE accomplishment. And I can wear everything I bought today to school and work. Except maybe the purple pair ... because I don't own any purple clothing ... except for a shirt. (Don't you just love how I rationalize everything!)

Long story short, I am back to being healthy and well shod. :)
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