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07 February 2010

NC sucks less today

So, the weather was not actually conspiring against me. The Boy was able to wait the weather out and come visit me Friday afternoon. Since we only had major rain in my area, we were able to keep our dinner plans. We had an AMAZING five course chef's tasting menu with wine. The food was outstanding. I can't even remember all of the tasty things we had, but I LOVED the pheasant and the tuna. Oh and the "praline bacon." I had NO IDEA what to expect with the "bacon" but it was this small square of pork that was the most tender thing I have ever eaten. The fat on it literally melted in my mouth. It was amazing. The waiter always addressed me as "Ms. Short," and the whole staff was super attentive. The whole evening was fantastic.

On Saturday we stayed in bed late and then caught an early afternoon movie. "The Young Victoria" was fantastic. It was really excellent. After the movie, we went to mass and then home for a quiet evening at home.

Tonight is the Superbowl party at the Wizwer's. I'm going solo since The Boy has some law school stuff to attend to. And then it's back to work tomorrow. Thankfully we have Friday off and that means a three day weekend! The best kind of weekend!
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