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28 March 2012

Mad Men is back!!

After waiting for what seemed like forever (but was actually just a year or so), Mad Men is back!! It started on Sunday with a 2hr.8 min. season premiere, and I'm pretty excited about the upcoming episodes. I forgot how much I forgot (does that even make sense?) about the previous seasons, and it came flooding back pretty quickly. Sterling is still gorgeous and Don is still Don. It was also pretty interesting to see Joanie struggle with insecurity when she is normally such a force to be reckoned with. It makes her vulnerable and real. Megan's little French tease was ... unexpected and, apparently, was blowing up on Twitter. Hmmm ... The costuming is still outstanding and the writing seems to be off to a good start. I would hate to see things falter after four seasons of awesomeness. 

My classy Mad Men dinner.
Fancy beer, fancy cheese, fancy water crackers, and fancy blueberries ...
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