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31 March 2012

S'more Fest 2012

Friday night was S'more Fest with My Favorite Married Couple, and it was fabulous!! The weather was gorgeous, the company was amazing, and the s'mores were to die for. Yum. 
The Skor Crunch - Dark chocolate, apple, marshmallow, and toffee on a cinnamon graham cracker. 
This one is killer.
The Impersonator - chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and marshmallow on a regular graham cracker. 
Sheila teaching me to roast marshmallows PERFECTLY. 
The spread Sheila put out. This is why I love this woman. Seriously. I would marry her. 
Yes, I stabbed a peep to toast it. And it tasted amazing.
Sorry, Little Peep. 
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