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26 March 2012

NCMA and The Arboretum

I spent Sunday hanging out with B at the North Carolina Museum of Art and the NC State Arboretum. We were going to go kayaking, but, given the 50% chance of rain for the day, I suggested we do something indoor. I'm not big on getting soaked outside in the rain. Especially given the nature of North Carolina rain storms. Those bad boys can be terrifyingly awesome. And I prefer to watch them from the safety of cover. But I digress ... Since I've never been to either place, it sounded like a great idea. Of course, not a drop of rain fell until well after dark, but it was fun nonetheless. I sadly didn't think to bring my camera to either location, so I had to make good use of the iPhone and Instagram. I'll definitely be heading back to grab some great shots in the next couple of weeks ... especially at the Arboretum when the flowers are fully in bloom. 

Three Eves
NCMA refection pool
A really cool sculpture made of cedar and graphite.
Mona Lisa ... upside down and made of spools of thread. 
Funny thing about the Mona Lisa piece ... people were actively talking about how they hung it upside down and how it would have been better if they had hung it properly. Things like that make me laugh. While I don't necessarily love (or sometimes even like) modern art, I still can appreciate it for what it is. It's always interesting to hear other people's take on things, though. Listening to people talk about art is always quite insightful. 

Irises at the Arboretum
I love irises. They may just be one of my favorite flower. Maybe ...
Looking up into the cloudy sky.
Who knew that maple trees could flower?
More sky.
Winter white wisteria. 
Gazebo in the white garden.
I love these trees. I'm not sure what they are.  I think it's the vibrant pink that attracts me so  much.
In case you weren't already aware, I like pink. ;) 
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