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11 March 2012

Civil War Photographs

I had the opportunity to chaperone the 8th grade history trip last week, and we visited Manassas, Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, and Appomattox. And, as usual, I took a ton of photographs. I had a mini-crisis when the trip started and I realized that I had left me memory card at home. Thankfully, one of our awesome students let me commandeer her memory card. The weather was gorgeous the entire time -- except for some wind and chilly temps -- but the sun was out, and that's what matters.

I truly love chaperoning these trips. I get to hang out with students and forge some great bonds with them as well as learn about a lot of history that I only know on a surface level. I'd visited Gettysburg before, but all of the other stops were new to me. Add all that to the opportunity to take photographs, and I'm sold!

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