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19 May 2007

English Grad Student Math: Broke and Depressed=Buying Dresses

I woke up this morning feeling yucky again. I shouldn't, given the fact that everything is going reasonably well lately (minus my speeding ticket). I have a new job in the works, my family is coming to visit, my boyfriend is moving here, the weather is great, my apartment and patio are fantastic, my dog sucks far less than she usually does, I'm getting free cable, and the melted crayon smell from my car has pretty much disappeared. All great things. Nevertheless, ?I woke up in a shitty mood.

To cure my shitty mood, I evacuated the house. I deposited my paycheck, returned movies, cleaned my car (inside and out), and stopped by the GAP (a store I normally despise) to try on jeans. I got sidetracked by the pretty sun dresses. I ended up buying two: a beautiful butter-cream cotton with subtle embroidery and a cotton and silk periwinkle. They are great. Granted, I have absolutely no money for such a purchase, but I do have the Old Navy credit card. And GAP honors the Old Navy card because it is the parent company. Long story short, I now have two gorgeous sun dresses to enjoy this summer. YEAH!

And, miraculously, I no longer feel depressed. I am currently watching Cruel Intentions and that makes me happy as well. Laurie and Aaron are coming over tonight to watch 28 Days Later (we saw the sequel last night) and that should be fun!

Needless to say, I am out of my funk. It's amazing what credit cards are capable of!
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