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27 May 2007

Ready to pull my hair out ...

So, the 'rents have been here since 10:20pm on Tuesday night. Let me tell you, it has been completely and totally exhausting!

Wednesday day involved shopping for all of the food Mom was going to make for dinner that night. We had Rae, Marty, Laurie, Aaron, Tonya, Melissa, and Brandy (and Yassar, of course!) over for Mom's famous lasagne. It was fantastic. We drank and ate, and the evening kicked ass. As they say in Espana, it was mucho funno.

Thursday was a trip to the Biltmore. Mom and Dad had never been, and it was totally worth the two-and-a-half-hour trip. Most of the gardens were in bloom, and the weather was gorgeous. Sunny blue sky and 85 degrees. After touring the house and grounds, we headed to the winery for a tasting and my dad actually found wine that he could drink and not vomit back up. Aaron watched Bailey all day (because he is such a prince!) so we didn't have to rush back.

When we go home, Mom and Dad chilled with the pup, and I headed off to the Grasshopper's game with Marty, Rae, Laurie, Will, Laura, Sandy, and Matt. It was so fun!! We had a pretty kick-ass time. Natty beer was $1 a cup, and I had four. Four beers=$4!!! So friggin' fantastic!!

Friday was the Asheboro zoo. Mom and Dad fell in love with the polar bear. He is so friggin' cute. He was playing and putting on quite a show for the kids in the window. It was adorable. I love the zoo here. The animals are so great, and the zoo itself is so nice and pretty. We walked about five miles throughout the day, and it was hot as balls. Luckily, most of the zoo is shaded so we didn't die of heat stroke. Afterwards, I worked with Joe and then went to dinner with Mom and Dad at La Fiesta. Again, mucho funno.

Saturday was the Farmers' Market and Raleigh and family. Mom got a ton of flowers to take back to NY and Dad got a bucket of the sweetest strawberries ever. And we saw Rae and Marty! Rae was getting herbs to start a garden (she is such a copycat!). After the Farmers' Market, we headed to Raleigh with Bailey to visit with Mom's sister and her kids and grandkids. It was again hot as balls. We got back to G'boro around 8, had some cocktails, and went to bed.

This morning, Mom and Dad headed to Charlotte for the NASCAR race. I chose not to go. I would rather have a root canal with no pain killer than go to a race. I get the house to myself!! It's so quiet right now. I am totally loving it!! I'll get the laundry done, bathe the dog, and catch up on email and such. Mom and Dad will get back late tonight and leave for NY tomorrow morning. I'll miss them terribly, but I also miss my solitude and quiet.

Monday is working with Joe and chillin' by the pool. Tuesday is my doctor's appointment and T's going away party. Wednesday is Movie Night with Marty, Rae, Laurie, Sandy, Will, and Laura. Thursday is when Chico is coming to visit for TEN WHOLE DAYS!!! YEAH!! This has the making of a good week.

Other than being broke as a joke (although Mom paid my rent the other day!!), life kicks ass.
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